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About Art In Heart

It All Starts Here

This year marks a special chapter as I open the doors of my private studio not just to friends and their children, or the persistent adults seeking master classes, but to a new generation of curious, bright, and energetic young minds. This space is dedicated to those who seek the joy of play and learning, the balance of focus and relaxation, and the thrill of creating something extraordinary.

Our studio is a haven for the imaginative souls who aspire to be inspired and share the flame of creativity with others. It's a place where the passion for art transcends generations, fostering an environment where young talents can flourish. Join us on this artistic journey, where every stroke, every idea, and every shared inspiration adds to the vibrant tapestry of our creative community.

Paint Brushes

“Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art”

Claude Debussy

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