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Programs at Art In Heart

Discover the artist within you with hands-on experiences that nurture curiosity and creativity. Here's what awaits those who are curious and creative:

Diverse Tools of Expression:
Learn the art of using fingers, wooden or plastic sticks, sponges, cloth, and an array of brushes in various shapes and sizes. These tools will serve as your magical instruments to draw, paint, build, and highlight your incredible masterpieces.

Color Alchemy:
Uncover the secrets of color mixing to unveil surprisingly new shades, combinations, and the tactile feel of texture in both acrylic and oil paint.

Fresh Perspectives:
Train your eye to look at familiar objects in new ways. Engage in still life compositions, delve into design development tips, and explore perspectives that transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Pencil Magic:
Reimagine the simplicity of everyday pencils—B4, B5, B6...B8. Witness how these seemingly mundane tools create a spectrum of shades, turning simple sketches into vibrant graphic miniatures.

Nature's Palette - Plain Air Excursions:
For the extremely curious and creative, venture outdoors for "plain air" experiences. Feel the harmony of nature, observe details, compare colors, lighting, and shades. Transform rough sketches into bright, colorful masterpieces in the studio.

Liquid Color Adventures:
Delight in the simplicity and instinctive chaos of liquid colors. Be amazed as the colorful chaos transforms into modern and stylish decorations.

Immersive Cultural Experience:
Throughout your artistic endeavors, indulge in the best classical, jazz, and contemporary music. Dive into short videos exploring the history of art or embark on virtual excursions through renowned art museums like "Prado," "Hermitage," "Tretyakov's Gallery," and "Louvre." Engage in discussions about the styles and techniques of the greatest artist masterpieces.

Let the fusion of art, music, and culture elevate your imagination, inspire your creativity, and kindle your passion for the greatest art. Welcome to a world where every stroke tells a story and every creation is a masterpiece in the making.

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