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Welcome to the heart of my artistic journey – an odyssey inspired by the enchanting city of my birth, St. Petersburg, Russia, known as the "North capital." The unique architecture and breathtaking beauty of this city have been the wellspring of my creativity from the earliest days of my memory.

My artistic education began in an Art School and seamlessly progressed to earning a degree from the Academy of Art and Design. This educational continuum laid the foundation for my passion for ancient art, fascination with history, love for architecture, and a deep appreciation for literature and poetry.

Fueling my creative spirit is an insatiable curiosity, leading me to explore different cities, countries, and cultures. These experiences have become a vital part of my artistic evolution, enhancing my powers of observation, imagination, and professional skills.

Join me on this artistic voyage, where the rich tapestry of St. Petersburg's influence intertwines with a lifelong dedication to learning, allowing creativity to flourish and evolve. Together, let's explore the world through the lens of art, connecting diverse influences to craft a unique and inspired narrative.


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